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Monday: English Literature, Public Speaking, STEM, Writing Skills

Tuesday: Math, History, Creative Writing, Entrepreneurship

Wednesday: Out of Classroom Practical Internship (Community Service, Internship, Field Trip)

Thursday: Financial Management, History, STEM, Presentation Skills

Friday: Math, Biology, Math Practice, Budgeting

Campus Procedures

Anaheim:  Pick up and drop off on the green in front of the sanctuary. All students must check in & out with the Campus Lead. Parents allowed in the classroom by appointment only.

Newport: Parents allowed on campus by appointment only. Drop-off & pick up is on the front green.


Official Seashore uniforms may be purchased from Lands End, school #900182783.
We also accept red, white and navy blue tops & khaki & navy blue bottoms from Costco & Old Navy.

Plain fleece outerwear from our uniform partners only. No brand name sweatshirts, no alternative colors, lights on shoes, hoodies or hats are allowed.
Please refrain from all brand name clothing.

*Student athletes may request special permission to wear athletic bottoms while at Seashore Academy when transitioning directly to/from training sessions, but must still wear uniform tops.


1) No food sharing.
2) No nuts.
3) Birthdays: We love celebrating birthdays with balloons, pencils, erasers, stickers and songs. Please email us to let the teacher know in advance. No cupcakes or treats may be handed out in class.

Supplemental Work Suggestions

If you’d like to supplement your child’s academic work, grade level work suggestions are below. 

Please join a class by following the links below. Your teacher will provide specific work and be able to view your progress.

For New User:

1.  Go to
2,  Sign up as “learner”
3.  Click “Enter Class Code”
4.  Copy and Paste Desired Class Code and click Add
5.  Continue this process until you have added all desired supplemental coursework for each class.
6. Complete Directions to Create a new Account
You will now have access to your specific courses.
If Already Registered in Khan Academy:
1.  Login as Learner
2.  Go to Settings
3.  Go to Teachers
4,  Add Classes with Class Codes in Box
5.  Continue this process until you have added all desired supplemental coursework.
You will now have access to your specific courses.

Recommended Reading List

Math Assessment

The assessments are below. If your child is going into 1st grade , please download the kindergarten math assessment, from which most of the content should have been taught. Your child should pass the Kindergarten assessment in order to assess into 1st grade.

STEP 1. Download the Singapore Math Assessment PDF and have your child complete it at home.
STEP 2. If the assessment is too easy, print out a higher level.
STEP 3. Scan or take a picture of the completed assessment .
STEP 4. Email picture to On the subject line, please follow this format [Math Assessment – Name]

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