1-5 days/week of structure,

accountability & social time

Students may be enrolled in any online or virtual school of their choice.

Our teachers will create individual study plans for each student. We will hold students accountable and keep parents abreast of student progress, grades, and study habits each day.

Students will have ample time and opportunity to socialize in a supervised setting.

We recommend that students gain a transfer into either of the two public independent study high schools: Tustin Connect or Cal Prep Academy.

These independent study public schools provide an official transcript, an academically rigorous NCAA, A-G accredited academic curriculum, and professional guidance counselors and teachers to support students each week.

OCEAcademy provides the daily academic structure for these students to work amongst their peers. OCEAcadey also provides live elective classes and social functions.

More about Cal Prep Academy: https://cpa-capousd-ca.schoolloop.com/about

Tustin Connect https://www.tustinconnect.org/high-school.html

NB tuition 2021-22 Academic Year

9th-12th grade

Full Day

  •  1 day: $1500
  •  2 days: $2975
  •  3 days: $4250
  •  4 days: $5300
  •  5 days: $5990

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